Build-Your-Own Crystal Kit!
Build-Your-Own Crystal Kit!
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Build-Your-Own Crystal Kit!

Silver and Stone
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During these stressful and unknown times, having a crystal kit to cleanse your environment, meditate with, use during yoga, or have as a beautiful display piece, can help ground you and keep you calm.

Please indicate your 5 stone choices by checking the Add Note to Seller box in your cart.

Included are 5 stones of your choice, 1 Pine/Rose Petal Smudge Stick, and 1 Santorini lava stone held in a beautiful silk bag.

White California Sage has been used for thousands of years by many tribes and cultures to perform spiritual cleansing rituals. With its earthy smell, sage burns slowly and will support healing and neutralizing of negative energy in your space.

When burning sage, make sure to place the bundle on a fire-resistant surface.

As a grounding stone, lava stone creates a vibe of balancing emotions, bringing out calmness and strength.

Even cooler? This stone can be used as an essential oil diffuser. Put 3-5 drops of your favourite essential oils directly into the stone. It’s porous structure allows the oils to seep slowly through its core throughout the day. Use the his to help make your work space, yoga practice, meditation, or whatever you choose, you’re own little sanctuary.

Each stone has healing and cleansing properties above and beyond what is listed below. This list is a starting point to help you pick your 5 stones:

  • tigers eye: protection + psychosomatic healing
  • aventurine: healing + balance
  • celestial quartz: diffuse anxiety + heart opening
  • dolomite: creativity + optimism
  • sodalite: emotional balance + self acceptance
  • apatite: knowledge + empathy
  • rose quartz: love + healing
  • clear quartz: master healer + cleansing
  • amethyst: balance + calming
  • obsidian: protection against negativity + truth-enhancing
  • epidote: physical healing + memory
  • citrine: success + prosperity
  • smoky quartz: rids negativity + promotes positive thought
  • fluorite: concentration + rids negativity

Please list the 5 stones you have selected for your healing kit in the notes section of your order.

Please note that metaphysical properties associated with each stone are meant to be for informational and meditation purposes only. Metaphysical properties have not been scientifically tested and we do not claim that they will provide or guarantee any benefits, healing, or results in any respect. Metaphysical properties are not meant to provide or replace conventional medical advice, treatment, diagnosis or be a substitute to consulting with a licensed medical health care practitioner.